Our Graduates

Rav Joel and Sarah Kenigsberg
Rav Joel and Sarah KenigsbergLondon
Whilst still in their first year of shlichut, Rav Joel and Sarah Kenigsberg have been appointed the Rav and Rebbetzin of the Magen Avot Shul in Hendon and Rav Joel was also appoinnted Rabbi of Bnei Akiva England. Rav Joel spoke at the International convention for European Rabbis, and In December 2019 gave a presentation at Oxford University about the laws of Kashrut and how it relates to the new scientific developments of lab grown meat. Rav Kenigsberg also gives weekly shiurim around the city of London.
Rav Eliyahu and Yocheved Silverman
Rav Eliyahu and Yocheved SilvermanLondon
The Silvermans are currently in their fourth year of Shlichut in London, and have had an incredible impact on the community. Rav Eliyahu pioneered an advanced learning track at Hasmonean Girls high school, and serves the Edgeware Adas community as the Rabbi of the biggest youth minyan in the U.K. In addition to his community work, Rav Eliyahu created a Whatsapp Torah learning network with daily shiurim on Tanach, Chagim, and the weekly Parasha, with over 1,200 subscribers across the world.
Rav Eitan and Rachel Aviner
Rav Eitan and Rachel AvinerToronto
The Aviners have just completed their first year of Shlichut in Toronto. Rav Eitan is a Ra”m in Yeshivat Bnei Akiva Ohr Chaim where he works with his wife Rachel. Rav Eitan’s impact goes far beyond the teenagers he is inspiring, giving a Hilchot Shabbat chabura on a weekly basis, as well as other shiurim in the community.
Rav Ezra and Tehilla Pachino
Rav Ezra and Tehilla PachinoCleveland
The Pachinos arrived in Cleveland just over a year ago and helped establish the Community Beit Midrash at Fuchs Mizrachi School. In just one year they achieved over 1,000 hours of learning, with 5 weekly shiurim, guest speakers and more. Rav Ezra also initiated a talmud Torah program during the summer for high school Kids where over forty teenagers participated.
Rav Avichai and Hadas Eitam
Rav Avichai and Hadas EitamIsrael
Rav Avichai Eitam was recently appointed to be the Rav of Kfar Pines. He has also founded a student village in memory of his heroic late brother-in-law, “Orot Eliraz”, which aims create a religious framework for recently discharged soldiers who became religious during their army service. The program provides a warm and inclusive Beit Midrash with shiurim for the former soldiers whilst they attain their university degrees.
Rav Yehoshua and Malki Asulin
Rav Yehoshua and Malki AsulinMelbourne
The Asulins are in their third year of shlichut in Melbourne. Rav Yehoshua is the Rosh Kollel of the Torah Mitzion Kollel in Melbourne. He gives shiur to the bachurim from Israel and oversees their chavrutot with the community members. He also gives shiurim on a weekly basis in the community and teaches in the High school. Rav Yehoshua has managed to create a dynamic Beit Midrash inspiring many students and community members.